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I pluck the most fascinating news items of the day and then create a modern-day column which I deliver with a fast, pithy wit that will make your computer device vibrate with delight.

About Dave Pell

Dave Pell has been writing about news, technology, and media since 1999. He writes NextDraft, a newsletter offering a quick and entertaining look at the day’s most fascinating news. His writing has appeared in The Atlantic, Boston Globe, Time, NPR, Wired, McSweeney’s, and elsewhere. He’s been news-obsessed since he was a child and is known to his readers as the Internet’s Managing Editor. He is a graduate of UC Berkeley and the Harvard Graduate School of Education. He sits on the board of 826 Valencia and is a longtime advisor to the Center for Investigative Reporting. He lives in Marin County with his wife, Gina, and their two kids, two cats, two beagles, and two broadband providers (in case one ever goes down).

Dave is the author of: Please Scream Inside Your Heart: Breaking News and Nervous Breakdowns in the year that wouldn’t end.

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Here’s some of the buzz:

“Dave Pell's Next Draft is a must-read for me daily, as are many of his links. The man knows his Internet. And his puns.”

Harry Shearer: Spinal Tap, The Simpsons, Le Show, Emmy Award Winner

“Dave’s writing, amidst the deluge of information out there, is a high priority for me. His wit and humor is a true gift. Reading Dave’s emails makes me better.”

Cory Booker: N.J. Senator

“Dave finds stuff I didn't see but should have. Add that to his drop-dead sexiness and you've got yourself an indispensable newsletter.”

Steve Bodow: Fmr. Executive Producer, The Daily Show

“Dave is one of the most compelling voices on the internet. I’m always fascinated by what he has to say and am eager to follow him wherever his mind goes next.”

Maria Konnikova: Best Selling Author

“Think of Dave Pell as the Internet’s managing editor. The NYT meets SNL. Smart, funny, essential.”

Phil Bronstein: Chair, Center for Investigative Reporting

“At the end of a long day of carnival-like news frenzy, I open up NextDraft to filter out the noise, to get myself recentered around the important things, and always for a laugh.”

Jim Himes: Connecticut Congressman

“Dave is an expert at picking through the deluge and serving up the day's best stories from a huge variety of websites.”

Sapna Maheshwari: New York Times

“If you like technology, ideas and culture, subscribe to the mind of Dave Pell.”

Rainn Wilson: The Office, etc.

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