Sitemap - 2022 - NextDraft

There Goes My Hérouxville

Democracy Comes to DC

Cover Charge

Living Arg

Age Against the Machine

Don't Touch That Dial

Tok Bottom


The Atoms Family

Chat Roulette

Give and Go

Georgia Gives Herschel the Heisman

Student Counsel

Warning: Graphic Content

Death to My Hometown

Kicks and Stones

Would I Lie To You?

Don't Look Away

Road Warriors

Holiday Icebreakers

Dim Sun

Wanna Bet?

It's a Dry Heat

Hunter Gatherers

It's Not the End of the World (Yet)

Queue Anon

Eight is Enough

A Brush With History

What the FTX?

Red Wave Pounds Sand

Pants is Overrated

Mack and Cheddar

Let's Put Things on Ice

Ware House of Horrors

A Speechable Moment

Wolfing on Wall Street

Trick or Treatment?

The Bird is Fried

Dungeons and Drag Ons

Burden of Beast

Bugging Out

The Ed Pool

Burning the Midnights Oil

Fall of the Romaine Empire

Block and Awe

That's the Ticket

Kingdoms Come

The Dog Days Aren't Over

Snyd Remarks

A Lawyer Joke

Loco Motion

Hairdos and Don'ts


Area Man Sends Newsletter

If The Shoe Fits

The Hate You Give

The Apple of My AI

A Matter of Life and Debt

Punked Rock

Party of None


Mean Streets

Doc Worker

The Tears of a Crown

Last Call

Play Misty For Me

This Is Gonna Sting

Myopic Up Lines

Talmud Ring

Are You Not Entertained?

Queen Taken

Not Going Anywhere For a While?

Let Them Eat Kale

Divided Some Fall

Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

Bin and Juice

Get Off Of My Cloud

The Pass Menagerie

Wolf Tickets

Debtor RIP

Parallel Youniverse

You Don't Have Crabs!

Life of Leisure

Hotter Under the Bridge

The Song Remains the Same

War Games

Profound Incites

The Court Jester

Shock Therapy


Home Ec

Goo Goo Gaga

Running Off That Hill

The Inside Job

Junk in the Trunk

Gnarly Wave

Nauty By Nature

Trunk Show

Tangled Up in Blue

The Price You Pay

Until Debt Do We Part

Bookmarked for Death?

Bullet the Blue Sky

Johnson Goes Limp

Battle of the Midway

American Fireworks

Let the Mother Effer Burn

The Duty and the Beast

Repro Man

And the Horse You Roe'd In On

America's Six Shooter

Naked and Afraid

Living on a Prayer

The Backyardigans


A Long Time Coming

A Log in the Machine

Houston: We Have a Solution

AI Am Whatever You Think AI Am

Married to the Mob

Are You Not Entertained?

What Happens in Vagus

Duty Calls

What Defund Were You Thinking?

Can You Print Me Now?

Crime and Punishment

Contain Your Enthusiasm


Minority Report

Class Dismissed

No Strings Attached

Just Add Water

Board Stiff

Reading the T Leaves

Blinded By Science

Sign of the Times

American Buffalo

The Waitstaff

Gonna Fly Now

By George

Finding Schemo

Of Thee I Sing Sing

The Devolution Will Not Be Televised

Derrick and the Dominos

The Running Man

Skid Roe

They Might Be Giants

Grad School of Hard Knocks

Novel Romance

Pain and Buffering

A Bull Bear Market

What Elon Strange Trip It's Been

The Cowardly Lyin

Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch

How Barnes Became Noble


The Inflation Diet

Blackboard Jungle

Mary Jane's Last Dance

Biggie Smalls

Secret Agent, Man

A Little Ditty

Sex Post Facto

Of Monsters and Men

All the World's a Rage

I'd Tap That...

The Slap Trap Crap

Ion The Prize

Taking Fresh Prints in Bel Air

Gov and Marriage

A Little Bit of This, A Little Bit of That

African Elephant in the Room

Murder, Incorporated

Father Figures

That's What Xi Said

They Paved Paradise

The Passage of Time Legislation

The Lyin Kings

I'll Say It To Your Face


Diplomatic Corps

The Carrot or the Dipstick

Follow the Ruble

Nature vs Nurture

Keep Calm and Bury On?

Performance Anxiety

Putin's Pitchfork in the Road

Right Here, Right Now

Out of Sight, Out of Your Mind

Social Life in the Fast Lane

Rights Offering

Les Mazárables

For Those About to Guac

The Truck Stops Here

Masquerade Brawl

Gu D'etat

Three's a Tough Crowd

This is Not a Half Pipe

The Rating Game

Whoopi Doo

Grid Ironman

In Pod We Trust

Paying Through the Nose

Does Anybody Remember Laughter?

A Public Disrobing

Ladies and Gentlemen, The Weakened

Mahome Field Advantage

Data Dump

Shock and Thaw

Center Folds

It’s Howdy Duty Time

The Great Coverup

The Wizard of Schnoz

Strength Has Never Been My Weakness

Repu Man

The Fault in Our Star

Hard Boiled Detective

Things Got Out of Hand

Indecent Exposure

Blackberry in a Coalmine

False Positive